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Unbonding CRO/Token Recovery

This service is for people who got scammed to releasing their seed phrase, and have CRO unbonding from delegations, or tokens being locked up (eg. MSHARE). Transactions will be sent directly to validator nodes for better chances of recovery.

You WILL have to provide your compromised seed phrase. A script will be run on your account to:

  • Retrieve the unbonding CRO after the 28 days or

  • New method for MSHAREs - Script will not drain CRO but only be watching for SVN and MSHARE. MSHARE might be locked if scammer is claiming SVN daily, but SVN will still be retrieved.

on a best-effort basis. Payment will be taken from the recovered tokens, meaning that if it fails, no payment is required.


  • X Staking Delegators > 6 months: FOC

  • X Staking Delegators > 3 months: 1% or 100 CRO, whichever lower

  • Non delegators: 3% or 300 CRO, whichever lower


  • This service is on a best-effort basis.

  • Proof of address ownership is required and non-negotiable before any actions will be taken on your account. This will be your funding transaction. Most people send the first funds from the CDC App, so a screenshot proof of that withdrawal is fine.

  • Seed phrase and a new redirect address will be needed.

Track Record:

  • Unbonding CRO/ATOM/OSMO: 7 successful, 0 ongoing, 0 failed

  • Locked up MSHARE: 5 successful, 1 failed (Statement here)

If you need this service, please make contact.

Due to increased suspicious requests for help, proof of ownership is non-negotiable.

Updated 8 May

private Cronos RPC Node (dapps)

Prices start at $400 USD for 1 server in Europe which should cover up to 1600 req/s. Monitoring, setup and services included. No limits except hardware limitations, then a second node will be needed.

Expansions in Europe $250/server (+$150 setup fee)

Expansions in Asia from $500/server (no setup fee, setup time from 3 days, performance may vary)

Expansions in USA from $400/server (+$150 setup fee, setup time from 3 days, performance may vary)

Multi-region load balancing setup $200 (1 time)

Archive node (no heavy stress but all past TXs indexed) $350/month

Only JSON-RPC or gRPC available.

Please make contact for discussions. Non-profits can qualify for discounts.

Prices are listed in USD and monthly unless stated otherwise. Upfront payment required, and subsequent payments due 5 days before renewal. Payments will be using USDC/USDT on Cronos.

Updated 29 Oct 22