Fees are set at 5% (minimum for the network as of 22 Feb 23). This will be used to pay for hosting services, insurance, and giveaways. 

Max Rate 10% and Max Change Rate 1%. This means that Fees can never go above 10%, and can increase by 1% maximum every 24 hours. These values can never be changed.

Self Delegation

100k CRO is self-delegated. Failing is painful for us too!


As of December 2021, 20% of all commissions will be deposited into cro1xvkcmp63z99eam8j9w5f8suny7el6mt4y282hu for insurance, and 20% will be allocated for giveaways.


X Staking will pay for your auto-compound twice a day, and you can withdraw consent at any time. You don't have to provide your keys, just approve the bot to delegate and claim for you all on the platform. 

How to stake?

Defi Wallet App

Select Staking > Delegate Funds and select [SG] X Staking. 

Validator address is crocncl14vxzdsxtmat7hvz58trk823adg3pjh4xh6ghm6

Remember to leave some CRO for gas! (0.1 is enough)

Download here.


If using a ledger, add --ledger behind.

Replace [amount] with your desired value.

If you get RPC error -32603 - Internal error: timed out waiting for tx to be included in a block error, you can usually ignore it. Check your transaction on the explorer.