Now - 1%

1 July - 1.5%

1 August - 2%

1 Sept - 2.5%

1 Oct - 3%

1 Nov - 3.5%

1 Dec - 3.5%

Further Development:

Bot development to help you monitor your stake. Examples of functions would be notification when rewards cross threshold, or when validator changes fees.

Snapshotting of stakes and then giveaways (Dec onwards)


Apr 2021

We now have a bot that will report the stats of the validator! Join us at Telegram and check it out.

Mailing list will be scrapped in favour of Twitter and Telegram. Do join us there for updates!

Big Dipper explorer forked and available for use.

1 May 2021

A new bot that tracks validator jails and unjails. Follow at: